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30 Jahre Yekmal

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Yekmal Academy

The “Yekmal Academy for Language, Education and Research” (Yekmal Academy for short) is a division of Yekmal, the Association of Parents from Kurdistan in Berlin. The field of activity includes scientific research on all aspects of Kurdish language(s), society(s) and culture(s) in Berlin as well as abroad. 

With the Yekmal Academy, the association wants to expand the quality and quantity of its established work on the development of multilingualism and supplement it with scientific expertise, thereby initiating new impulses in terms of the methodology and didactics of language promotion. In this context, the Yekmal Academy can be understood as a link between scientific research and practice.

There are six focal points of the area.

1. academic research
2. training and continuing education
3. events
4. NeuBihar: publications and bilingual learning materials
5. Kurdish in schools

Coordinator: Şerif Derince
Phone: +49 030 616 25 848

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