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30 Jahre Yekmal

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Outpatient help for upbringing

Yekmal e.V. offers outpatient help for upbringing according to

§ 29 SGB VIII social group work
§ 30 SGB VIII educational assistance, care assistants and
§ 31 SGB VIII social pedagogic family help

Since 2015, Yekmal has been active in a wide range of child and youth welfare services in Berlin.

Our services are aimed at all families, children and adolescents, with and without migration or refugee experience, who live in Berlin and can be implemented in several languages such as German, Kurdish (Kurmancî, Soranî, Kirmanckî/Zazaki), Turkish, Arabic, Farsi and Dari.

As a social work organization with an intercultural professional approach, it is part of our self-image to mediate between different values, traditions, identities and lifestyles and educational goals and to build bridges for change processes in the sense of § 1 SGB VIII.

The focus of our work is always on activating, naming and expanding the resources of the people themselves, their social relations and those of the social space. We always understand parents, children, adolescents and individuals as experts of their own living environment.

In their work with families, our professionals pursue a culturally sensitive and consistently social space-oriented approach, with social pedagogical action strategies from solution-oriented and/or systemic counseling as well as from systemic family therapy.

The goal of our work is to work with the families:

  • to work out solutions for the problems and concerns together, in order to activate and strengthen self-initiative and self-help forces
  • to strengthen their own resources in order to cope with the problems and concerns of women, children, adolescents and parents in a participative way.

The help for upbringing is a state (communal) service of the child and youth welfare and has to be applied for by the custodial parents at the local youth welfare office (RSD).

Our coordinators will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Coordinators: Sozdar Jafarzadeh & Taylan Polat
Phone: +49 030 63318940
Fax: +49 030 63318941
Address: Richardstr. 102, 12043, Berlin