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30 Jahre Yekmal

Wir suchen Verstärkung


Yekmal Aktiv Germany

With the new area Yekmal-Aktiv there will be from now on a Germany-wide networking and cooperation with especially Kurdish-speaking people but also beyond that with the responsible authorities, offices, schools, associations, committees and many other experts and actors in the socio-educational field. This network will make it its business to create meetings, offers and contact points especially for Kurdish speakers.

The goal of Yekmal-Aktiv is to work for a better and common future, i.e. for a successful and equal participation of Kurdish speakers in particular, as well as for all those who have so far remained invisible in this society. Thus, Yekmal-Aktiv, as a representative of this group of people, will take on a mouthpiece function and thus work to ensure that they are also heard, seen and supported and accompanied according to their needs in the sense of participation in this society.

Based on its many years of expertise, Yekmal Berlin will specifically promote help for self-help and empowerment of the individual by accompanying and monitoring this network, so that a diverse, colorful society and a common future become possible. The Germany-wide network thus also sets itself the goal of continuing the work/offers and activities of Yekmal that have already been successfully established and are necessary in Berlin, such as:

  • Kurdish-German bilingual kindergartens,
  • multilingual counseling for families and refugees,
  • outpatient help for education
  • and many other socio-pedagogical as well as social and cultural projects nationwide.

In the spirit of our motto “Shaping the future together!” we would like to invite you to join our network. For more information, please contact us via our e-mail address: