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30 Jahre Yekmal

Wir suchen Verstärkung


Our Organization

YEKMAL e.V. sees itself as a migrant self-organization and as a politically independent and non-denominational non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to human rights and the principle of equality, which stands up against all forms of discrimination and racism.

As a Kurdish association and social work organization, we are especially committed to people with Kurdish roots, for whom Yekmal is an important contact point and who find help and support with us.

We work for an open, diverse, pluralistic and inclusive society in accordance with the Basic Law. Therefore, with commitment and professionalism, we make our contribution so that people with a history of migration and flight, as well as their families, can lead a self-determined, equal and free life in Germany. This includes social influence through lobbying and networking as well as daily pragmatic social work. For us, integration or inclusion is based on participation in all areas of society as well as a continuous mutual process of exchange while respecting cultural diversity.

As a Kurdish association and provider of social work, we also see it as a special task to implement our work in the above sense in a partisan manner for people with Kurdish roots. This also includes influencing politics and administration for a positive and respectful integration of the Kurdish community in democratic processes against discrimination and exclusion.
Against this background, we are currently working as an association in our institutions in the fields of parent and family education, counseling, qualification, bilingual early childhood education, language support, outpatient assistance for education, voluntary work and in the field of linguistic science and research.

Yekmal offers a wide range of social and educational services in German, Kurdish-Kurmanci, Kurdish-Sorani, Kurdish-Zazaki, Arabic, Turkish and English.

Professional orientations and working principles

Multilingualism and cultural sensitivity

  • reduces existing access barriers and is the basis for successful communication
  • creates trust, security and promotes equal opportunities in the sense of inclusion
  • supports successful cooperation in heterogeneous contexts

Emancipatory social work and acting on an equal footing

  • understands parents, children, adolescents and individuals as experts of their own life situation
  • implements social and pedagogical work as an equal process with all participants
  • gives impulses for emancipation and self-effective action

Resource and lifeworld orientation

  • offers barrier-free and low-threshold access
    adapts methods and ways of working of social work to the needs and
  • requirements of visitors and clients
  • focuses on the abilities and strengths as well as the interests of visitors and clients

Non-violent education and communication

  • takes children, adolescents and adults and their concerns seriously
  • appreciates other perspectives and ways of acting
  • resolves conflicts through empathy and respect

Equal rights for people of all genders and sexual orientations

  • sees women and men as equals in all areas of private and social life
  • supports people of all genders and sexual orientations affected by discrimination and violence
  • is sensitive to gender aspects and related marginalizations