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30 Jahre Yekmal

Wir suchen Verstärkung


Welcome to the Kurdish Culture Days and Newroz 2023

Many peoples in and around Kurdistan celebrate with Newroz the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature as the start of the new year. For the Kurdish people, Newroz has been a symbol of resistance for years. Unfortunately, this year’s Newroz is accompanied by bitter sadness. On February 6, predominantly Kurdish areas in Turkey and Syria lost more than 50,000 lives in an earthquake. Not only did people die, but habitats, culture, history and memories were buried under the rubble. This disaster was not a natural disaster, but the result of negligence, poor governance and discriminatory state policies.

Unfortunately, the Kurdistan Region has experienced wars, migrations and disasters for centuries and will continue to do so. Yet, at the same time, it is also a region of resistance, hope, and solidarity.

Here, stories of rebirth from the ashes are being written.

In these times, when we need to stand together more than ever, we invite everyone to strengthen the hope and solidarity of Newroz. To this end, we dedicate the activities and events of our annual Kurdish Cultural Days to the memory of the victims of the tragic earthquake. We would like to take this opportunity to raise funds for the people affected by the earthquake and to support civil society organizations that carry out psychosocial, educational and cultural work with children and families in the affected regions.

This year’s activities and events will take place in Berlin, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Details of the events can be found in our Kurdish Culture Days brochure and on our website and social media channels.

Welcome hope, Newroz pîroz be!